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All of our projects and therefore the reclaim process start in the same way as an HMRC audit – with a thorough review of past imports, compliance and procedures. This allows us to build up a clear picture of the import process including the valuation and classification of products.

We use commercially available product information (websites, user manuals, customer reviews etc) to fully understand the product and compare the declared classifications with the current legislation.  We consult BTI rulings from all 27 EU member states, WTO classification opinions, EC Regulations and all available court cases from VAT & Duties Tribunals to ECJ.

Where anomalies and or opportunities are identified we quantify these based upon the import data and then obtain legally binding rulings from the local Customs authority.  The historic import data together with the rulings from the Customs authorities provide the basis for presenting a reclaim.

The entire process is managed by Arle House including the negotiation with the Customs authority and any legal challenges.  The entire reclaimed sum is returned to the client – we only invoice once a repayment or saving has been made.

HMRC’s own figures show that 1/3rd of all reclaims are rejected for various legal and procedural reasons; all Arle House reclaims are supported by official rulings and are rigorously checked to ensure prompt processing and to maintain our 100% success rate.

All work is undertaken with no cost or time investment from our clients. This approach means that importers can engage Arle House with no risk but a significant potential upside.

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