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  • Footwear – specifically an opportunity to recover Anti-Dumping Duty from certain Chinese suppliers

  • Test and Measurement – the importance of recording capability and the current interpretation of HMRC can reduce duty to zero

  • Security Products – recent EC Regulation may increase the duty to 2.5% but opportunities for reclassification remain

  • Bio Medical and Life Science products – duty differential of up to 6% depending on the nature of the products and the medical nature thereof

  • Valuation – client audit was able to recover duty on 3rd party commissions

  • Consumer Electronics – duty rates range from 2% to 14% depending on features and functionality

  • In Car Entertainment – 3 pending Court cases and the potential to reduce duty from 14% to zero

  • Infra-Red Cameras – Hearing pending for reclassification to zero duty from 3.2%

  • Cars – Numerous opportunities for suppliers of car parts from mechanical components to aftermarket products

  • Toys – An area which is under intense scrutiny from HMRC and the EC, but significant reclassification opportunities exist.

  • Semi-Conductor Products – We have recently reduced the duty rate on a wide range of products specifically to manufacture semi-conductors.
This is a list of current project areas and new opportunities are always under investigation.

Contact us to discuss your specific area of interest.

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