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Unlike many other costs and taxes, it is unusual for companies to have such a clear understanding of those which are associated with importing their products, and this is where professional advice can be so useful.

Throughout our audit we build up a detailed picture of the import history and by concentrating on costs and specifically duty recovery we can provide importers with real peace of mind that there are no skeletons in the cupboard. 

With HMRC audits increasing and European Commission crackdowns on non-compliance, having confidence that import processes are robust has never been more cruicial for importers.

We do not charge clients for peace of mind, and therefore our focus is always to provide real quantifiable financial benefits and typically more than 75% of our reviews will identify duty saving and reclaim opportunities, and even more so where we have industry sector experience.

Where we can deliver refunds and savings, the benefit is clear. With refunds permitted up to three years retrospectively the sums involved can be significant and a welcome cash boost in tough economic times.

Again, these benefits can be achieved with no cost or time risk to our clients. We have confidence in our experience and abilities to assume all risk.

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