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Customs duty costs are calculated on the value of imported goods and the associated duty rate – therefore it follows that saving and reclaim opportunities are identified by targeting these areas:


The classification of an imported product provides the duty rate which is charged thereon and is always a major part of an Arle House customs duty review.  There are in excess of 100,000 possible classifications which are required to cover all imported products with duty rates ranging from 0% to over 100%.

Classification rules are harmonised at both a WTO (World Trade Organisation) and EU (European Union) level but disputes are extremely common and professional advice in this area is crucial for importers to avoid potentially expensive errors.

Accurate classification is an extremely complex area, in particular where the speed of modern product development outpaces the existing legislation and practice. 

Arle House has experience in all aspects of tariff classification, from the domestic BTI process (throughout all EU member states) all the way to the European Court of Justice which is the ultimate arbiter of classification disputes.


More than 99% of import transactions are based upon the commercial invoice which accompanies the products, however this method isn’t always correct and audits into this area of import compliance are a favourite for HMRC and the European Commission.

Important factors which importers need to be aware of include related company transactions, assistance with and payments for proprietary technology and any additional payments made under contract such as commissions. 

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